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You`re gona be a star this night!

  • Fantastic weekend experience.
    Recommend to everybody.
    Kenneth 21.09.2012
  • Night in Riga crew, you rock!
    Thanks guys for great party!
    Leo 18.10.2012
  • Many thanks for great party.
    Still don't feel completely sober
    Frode 29.10.2012
  • You are cool!!!
    We come again.
    Ignas 23.10.2012


Unique Riga night life experience! Visit the most rated bars, pubs and clubs! We offer You the best service in Baltic states. Enjoy crazy nights in Riga's old town and local people madness. Visit the most beautiful places in Latvia. Explore our traditions and visit the oldest historical monuments.

Riga Nightclubs

Studio 69

Studio 69

Riga Nightclub "Studio 69" could probably be called No. 1. club in Riga. Studio 69 is the leader of Riga city nightlife and lifestyle and definitely dictates the rules in Riga party nights. Words which can describe this club - popular, glamorous, thrilling.

Price for group
200 €
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  • La Rocca Revolution

    La Rocca Revolution

    200 €
    for group

    Club La Rocca is one of the most visited Riga clubs. 3 dance floors, many bars, big dance floors and beautiful and extravagant dancers. There You can dance to the latest world tracks and enjoy the best DJ's remixes.

  • First Dacha

    First Dacha

    450 €
    for group

    First Dacha- latest club project by highly recognized & well known brand in Riga, Moscow and across the globe - FIRST. International A+ artists & Dj's, main dance floor, open air terrace, yacht parking. FIRST Dacha - the place to be!

  • Coyote Fly

    Coyote Fly

    650 €
    for group

    Night club Coyote Fly is lifestyle and party dictator. Located in the heart of city with wonderful summer and winter terrace and always crowded with biggest Riga party Lovers.